Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Biofield and Biofield Therapy?


For thousands of years the human aura has been the subject of inquiry. According to researchers, there are near about 130 different independent cultural references. Common features are:
  • The Chakras, 
  • Meridians-Nadis, 
  • The Acupuncture Points
  • The Different Biofield Layers
Biofield is a cumulative outcome of electric and magnetic field energy, exerted by the human body. However, the energy can exist in several forms such as kinetic, potential, electrical, magnetic, and nuclear. Similarly, the human nervous system consists of the energy and chemical information in the  form of electrical signals. Thus, human has the ability to harness the energy from environment or universe and can transmit into any living or nonliving object(s) around the Globe. The objects always receive the energy and responding into useful way via  biofield energy. 

The electromagnetic field of the human body is known as the biofield and energy associated with th is field is termed as the biofield energy.

The biofield is a useful construct consistent with bioelectromagnetics and the physics of nonlinear, dynamical, nonequilibrium living systems. 

An alternate treatment approach using healing therapy or therapeutic touch known as biofield energy treatment, which has been widely reported in various research field.

Alternate & Complementary Therapy = Biofield Therapy
The National Institute of Health/National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine considered the biofield energy therapy in subcategory of energy therapies (putative energy fields). The biofield energy treatment has been used in healing process to reduce pain, anxiety and to promote the overall health of human being.

There are lots of researches are done to vaildate the impact of biofield energy on living and non-living organisms.